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Hands on Box Making Class

You will be able to design and make boxes like these and others with ease, after taking this class.  Besides covering basic safety and techniques using tools, we will cover the following:

  1. Selecting wood:
    1. For best looking grain effect on box sides
    2. For best looking grain effect on top
  2. Designing Box:
    1. Square, hexagon, or any shape
    2. Plain or with contrasting lines of different woods, [ laminated in the wood before box sides are cut ] to create a wavy pattern around sides of box and meeting at all the corners
    3. Odd shapes with mitered corners or out of a solid piece of wood
  3. Cutting Box Parts:
    1. Cutting box sides so grain is continous around box as if the wood is bent around every joint
    2. Routing the inside, outside and top of odd shaped boxes out of solid wood.
    3. Cutting sides of the odd shaped boxes out of regular box stock.
    4. Cutting or shaping top to fit flush on that square, hexagon, or odd shaped box, or over hang , 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", Or 1/2"
  4. Routing A Profile around edge of top
  5. Adding accents, textures, or other design features to box.
  6. Cutting and fitting a bottom in any shaped box:
    1. Recessed bottom
    2. Flush Fitting Bottom
  7. Gluing and clamping Using:
    1. Regular bar clamps
    2. Band clamps
    3. Other clamping methods
  8. Sanding Using:
    1. Power sanding
    2. Hand sanding
  9. Finishing:
    1. Spraying lacquer
    2. Oil
    3. Buffing with buffing wheels
    4. Spraying sides, top and bottom of box, at the same time
    5. Finishing the finish with steel wool and wax
  10. Flocking the inside of box [velvet like finish]
  11. How to locate where to mark for hinges and fit the top on any box regardless of the shape.

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