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Two Day Demo Group Seminar

"Exquisitely Crafted Wooden Gift Items"

Learn from the Master Ted Baldwin

    The techniques need to, cut, route, glue, assemble, sand, and finish small stock. Then create those beautiful designer, one-of-a-kind, exquisitely crafted, wooden gift items such as, boxes, placemats, napkin rings, letter openers, desk sets, coasters, earrings, cutting boards, bookmarks, fan pulls, non-turned Christmas tree ornaments, and other types of wooden gift items. Most of them will be made, start-to-finish during the two day class.

    Whether you design and build tables and chairs or other types of furniture or wooden items and regardless of your experience or skill level you will learn many new techniques and methods that will allow you to be safer and more creative using your tools than you have ever been before.

What you will Learn:

  1. How to get started defining your project, designing your piece, selecting interesting wood, and deciding on the type of finish.
  2. How to safely take a piece of wood 2"L x 2"H x 1/4" thick, and cut it to any odd shape, on any saw in your shop or sand and plane it down to 1/32" thick.
  3. Learn valuable techniques for cutting, sanding, clamping, gluing, and finishing small items.
  4. Two easy no measuring box making techniques
    1. Draw any shape box design on a piece of paper to actual size and cut out the box sides using only that drawing.
    2. Draw any shape box design on a piece of solid wood and make a template to route the inside and outside to that design. Then route or cut the top to that exact shape and make it fit flush or
      overhang 1/8" to 1/2", or even cut or route the top to a totally different shape
  5. The techniques which will allow you to safely:
    1. Cut or plane wood to 1/32" thick.
    2. Plane or joint wood as short as two inches.
    3. Route irregular shapes.
    4. Cut irregular shapes as small as 1/4" on the table saw, radial arm saw, sliding compound miter saw, regular miter saw, and band saw.
  6. How to flock
    1. Flock the inside of your boxes for a velvet-like finish.
    2. Other applications of flocking
  7. How to finish your projects.
    1. Spraying lacquer
    2. Rubbing on oil
    3. Buffing with buffing wheels
  8. How to make non-turned Christmas tree ornaments and cover them with flocking.

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