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Hands On Letter Opener Class

After taking this class, you will be able to design and make letter openers like these and others with confidence.  Besides covering basic safety and tool usage techniques, we will cover the following:

  1. Designing letter openers:
    1. All wood [ non-turned handle]
    2. All wood [ turned handle ]
    3. Wood handle [turned with metal blade]
    4. Wood handle [non-turned] with metal blade
  2. Cutting and laminating
    1. Thin curved or straight lines
    2. Multiple thin contrasting pieces into curved or straight lines
    3. How to put in designs and  patterns
  3. Shaping on:
    1. Lathe
    2. Belt Sander
    3. Disc sander
    4. Jig saw
    5. Band saw
    6. Drill Press
  4. Sanding:
    1. Power sanding
    2. Hand sanding
  5. Finishing:
    1. Spraying lacquer
    2. Finishing the finish with steel wool and wax

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