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Hands On Placemat and Napkin Ring Class

After taking this class, you will be able to design and make these and other patterns as well.  Besides covering basic safety and techniques using tools, we will cover the following:

  1. Designing placemat and napkin ring
  2. Cutting and ripping wood for walnut & maple lamination for placemat.
  3. Cutting and ripping or planning wood for napkin ring lamination
  4. Gluing lamination for placemat and napkin ring
  5. Ripping strips for placemats
  6. Assembling wood strips into pattern for placemat
  7. Gluing wood to vinyl
  8. Cutting placemat to size
  9. Cutting out napkin ring on drill press
  10. Sanding placemat Using:
    1. Belt sander
    2. Finishing palm sander
    3. Hand sanding
  11. Sanding napkin ring Using:
    1. Drum sander
    2. Hand sanding
  12. Spray finishing placemat
  13. Spray finishing napkin ring and finishing the finish with steel wool and wax

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