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     During my early years of woodworking, I tried doing different types of woodworking projects, and I often got frustrated.  My heart just wasn't into the type of woodworking I was trying to do.  One day I saw a small project in a magazine that struck my fancy, it had some wood in it that was red.  I started trying to build some projects that required small stock, but I soon found out, that there were a lot of problems associated with cutting, gluing, sanding, and finishing small items.  There was a real safety issue associated with cutting them.  The problems I encountered caused me to start developing methods and techniques that would allow me to deal with small items safely.  After a few years I was finally able to safely do the type of woodworking I truly love, which is designing and creating wooden gift items.

     I have been a member of the Woodworkers Guild Of Georgia since 1985.  I have been a board member off and on for most of the last 17years.  I served two terms as president.  In 2000 I became one of the chartered members of the Woodworkers Guild Of Georgia's "Wall Of Fame", and awarded a lifetime membership for service to the guild.  I am a member of the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association, The Georgia Association Of Woodturners, and The American Association Of Woodturners.

     My works have been published in Wood magazine and The American Woodcraft Gallery.  My works have been displayed in The Bellsouth Gallery, The Gallery Of Fine Wood, Out Of The Woods Gallery, and in numerous shows and woodworking exhibits over the last 17 years, where I won numerous awards.  In 2003, I was commissioned by Georgia Pacific to design a box for some of their executives using four of their domestic woods.

     Over the last 17yrs.  I have taught classes and conducted seminars in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, at woodworking guilds, private shops, my shop, and woodworking shows.  I teach a week long, hands on class entitled "Designing And Creating wooden Gifts", at John C. Campbell Folk School In Brasstown, North Carolina.

     I specialize in designer wooden gift items such as, desk sets, placemats, napkin rings, boxes, letter openers, coasters, earrings, fan pulls, Bookmarks, and Non-turned Christmas tree ornaments.

     I have a common sense approach to woodworking.  Three of my favorite sayings are: "I don't do complicated".  "I have never met a piece of wood that was too small to make something out of it".  "I have more fun doing woodworking, that anybody I know".

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